New Water Jetter for Precise Plumbing & Gas Perth

Precise Plumbing & Gas Perth has just acquired a state of the art Water Jetter for assisting us with a range of Plumbing Services we offer.

We are committed to using the best equipment available that allows us to deliver more thorough and efficient maintenance, repair and installation processes to our clients.

A Water Jetter is a drain clearing machine that delivers water at very high pressure and volume inside your blocked pipes that cuts away what ever is in its way. Our jetter runs at 5000psi which is perfect for clearing blockages during our day to day drain clearing.

The Water Jetter is much faster at clearing a blockage. The average time to clear a blockage is 45-60 minutes.

The Water Jetter clears pipes very effectively. It scrubs the inside of your pipes only using water, clearing tree roots so well that you can no longer see them with a drain camera. It also cleans the walls of the pipe washing away old waste, debris, fats, oils and anything that has built up on the pipe walls. The Water Jetter can travel up to 140 metres and maintains its effectiveness right to the end which is long enough to clear the majority of buildings.

The exact location of the blockage can be pin pointed with the drain camera and then cleared with the Water Jetter. This allows the blockage to be cleared much quicker so you won’t be paying for hours and hours of labour.

Water jetters should be operated by a qualified plumber. By using the correct cutting tips for the job together with a well trained plumber, Water Jetters are unrivalled at clearing drains. The use of these machines is something that takes years of practice and a poor operator can still do a poor job at clearing a drain with a jetter.